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About Utkal Prativa

"UTKAL PRATIVA" is a fortnightly periodical published in 2014 by the Chairman of ODM Educational Group Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan. The aim & objective of the publication is to provide information about current events, on issues of social, political, economic, cultural and technological importance through news, articles and advertisements. Another important purpose of the publication is to help increase the educational level of the people. The horizons of knowledge increases through information regarding medicine, agriculture, history, economics, geography, politics and various other such dimensions. It also aims at protecting the rights of people and protecting their freedom. It purports at inspiring people for bravery, co-operation, determination, love and affection, while providing a forum for public debate and discussion on matters of general interest. Additionaly, it entertains people through cartoons, puzzles, comedy and other feature pieces.

“Utkal Prativa Foundation” which aims at recognizing and honoring the worthy sons and daughters of Odisha who have brought laurels to the state in the field of Art, Literature, Culture, Sports, Social Service & other dedicated renderings for the State, has instituted an Award “UTKAL PRATIVA SAMMAN” for conferment every year in line with its traditional practice in each year.