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Founder »

Dr. S. Minaketan
(Chairman ODM Educational Group)

The Utkal Prativa is a Fortnightly publication created by the Eminent Educationist & Founder-Director of ODM Educational Group, Dr. S.Minaketan. The Aims and Objectives of Utkal Prativa is to provide the information in current issues, increase the Educational Levels of Students and people. It also aims at protecting the rights of the people and protect their freedom.

Co-Founder »

Mr.Sudhansu Sekhar Panigrahi

The Co-Founder of the publication is Mr. Sudhansu Sekhar Panigrahi, an educationist of social insight.

Printed and Published By »

Mr.Biswanath Mishra

Mr.Biswanath Mishra is the Printer and Publisher of Utakl Prativa. He handles the de-facto functions of the publication, from its layout to final publicity on paper.

Proof Readers »

Mrs. Indumati Ray

The publication team of Utakl Prativa includes the contibution of proof readers, inorder to provide errorless publication for the readers' satisfaction.